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2005 - 2019

since 14 years, 32 days - online football manager the browsergame
In the free browser game - online football manager you can create your whole skills as trainers and managers to demonstrate!
Here you can compete with thousands of human players from different countries and show your real abilities!
Experience exciting live matches against other teams, train your team, choose the right tactics, manage your finances, negotiate with sponsors, build your stadium, act skillfully on the transfer market and become the champion in your league...
And finally the best, is Free-2-Play!
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from 11:00:00 :Training England
from 11:00:00 :Training Netherlands
from 12:00:00 :Training Switzerland
from 12:00:00 :Training Austria
from 13:00:00 :Training Germany
From next season there will be a change in the cost of the training camp. The cost of a training camp will then depend on the league of the team. The higher a team plays, the higher the cost of a training camp will be. Conversely, this means that with each league lower down, the cost of a training camp will become more affordable. The plan is that the costs for a training camp in class 6 will be approximately as much as the training camps currently cost, i.e. for all teams playing higher than class 6, the training camp visits will become more expensive. If you have any suggestions on this topic, you can do so in the forum at this post.

A few bugfixes were made on the statistics page (Premium) and the world ranking list. The pages should now be displayed correctly again.

Stadium utilization
The stadium utilization is now also displayed visually in the match reports. This should give you a hint whether the stadium is optimally utilized. Let us know your opinion about the new feature in the forum at this post there.

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