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2005 - 2023

since 17 years, 309 days - online football manager the browsergame
In the free browser game - online football manager you can create your whole skills as trainers and managers to demonstrate!
Here you can compete with thousands of human players from different countries and show your real abilities!
Play with your team against other teams, set up a training plan, choose the right tactics, manage your finances, negotiate with sponsors, build your stadium, act skillfully on the transfer market and become the champion in your league...
And finally the best, is Free-2-Play!
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from 11:00:00 :Training England
from 11:00:00 :Training Netherlands
from 12:00:00 :Training Switzerland
from 12:00:00 :Training Austria
from 13:00:00 :Training Germany
from 18:10:00 :Leagues matches Switzerland
from 19:10:00 :Leagues matches Austria
New payment system online
Dear 90-minutes Community,
There has been a lot going on behind the scenes this year. As you will have noticed, there were server changes at the end of the year or the beginning of the year, which were implemented at great expense. In the process of these changes, adjustments had to be made to the payment interface, as the payment connection was no longer up to date. Not least for legal and tax reasons, these adjustments were necessary in order to be able to continue operating 90-minutes.
The new payment interface is now live and Premium Accounts can be booked again.
What is new and different now:
VAT will now be added to the net price (Please note that this is the first price adjustment since the game was founded 17 years ago). You will receive an automatically generated invoice when you purchase a premium account.
Payment will be made via Paypal. We will check to what effect the other payment providers Micropayment and Paysafecard can be integrated into the new system.

Dennis from the Team

Some managers reported an error on the formation page. The selected formation was not displayed when the line-up for a match was called up again.
Many thanks to all managers who reported this bug to us.
An update has been implemented this evening which fixes the error.

Your Team

Player and Trainer Skilldowns
As some of you have noticed, there have been unwanted player and coach skilldowns over the past few days. The system is very complex. Unfortunately, when March 2022 data was reactivated, this part was forgotten. We are very sorry about this and unfortunately it cannot be corrected in retrospect. However, we have now taken precautions to ensure that no further skilldowns will take place. As a precaution, the last match date for the players has been set to today. The same applies to the last coaches' seminars attended. This should prevent any further (unintentional) skilldowns. We apologise again in detail to all affected players.

Yours Team

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