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The current table shows the current rank of the league’s teams. You can get the following info off it:

  • Amount of victories (W), Draws (D) and Losses (L) of the teams
  • The goal difference (goals for/goals against, the difference) of the teams
  • Earned points of the teams

Also the lower areas of the table are coloured

  • Champion:

The first position of the table is marked green, as it indicates the league’s champion. Of course any team will be pronounced definite champion at the end of the season.

  • Relegation:

The 5th and 6th position are marked yellow, as they show the relegation ranks of the table. The teams on those positions after the season, will have to fight for remaining in the league in relegation matches.

  • Descent:

The red marked positions 7 and 8 represent the direct descent into a lower division. Teams on those ranks will have to descend into a lower division instantly.

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