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Formatting options

There are several options when you decide to contribute to the forum:

ForumBold.png - Bold text - There are two options to show your text in bold type: either you mark it and press the symbol, or you press the symbol first, and enter the text between the brackets later [b][/b] (e.g. [b]this text is bold[/b]).

ForumUnderline.png - Underlined text – Offers you to underline the desired text. See Bold text.

ForumItalic.png - Italics - Offers you to italicize the desired text. See Bold text.

ForumHorizontalLine.png - Horizontal line - Marks a horizontal line on the desired text.

ForumQuote.png - Quotation - Offers you to quote any desired text. See Bold text.

ForumPlayerLink.png - Enter player link - Links to a virtual player (not the manager). To do so, just place the player’s ID behind the equals sign. E.g. [playerID=].

ForumMatchLink.png - Enter match link - Links to a match. To do so, just place the match’s ID behind the equals sign. E.g. [matchID=].

ForumTeamLink.png - Enter team link - Links to a 90-minutes team. To do so, just place the team’s ID behind the equals sign. E.g. [teamID=].

ForumLeagueLink.png - Enter league link - Links to a 90-minutes league. To do so, just place the league’s ID behind the equals sign. E.g. [leagueID=].

ForumForumLink.png - Enter post link - Links to an already entered posting. To do so, just place the posting ID from the first post behind the equals sign. E.g. [postingID=].

ForumExternalLink.png - Enter external link - Links to an external website (commercial advertisement is not allowed!). To do so, just place the URL behind the equals sign. E.g. [link=]; [].

SmilieBuch.gif - Enter smilies - Smilies will be entered at the marked spot. To do so, just klick on the desired smilie. Below the shown smilies, you will find "more..." where more smilies can be chosen.


[file:ForumTeamBanner.png]] - Team Banner - Adds a team banner to your forum signature. Instead of using the button to add your team banner you may paste :teamInfo: into your signature. The following information is provided by the team banner:

  • Name of manager
  • Length of managing activity (in days)
  • Name of managed team
  • Current league ranking
  • Team's nationality

Exclude forum

To exclude one or more of the forums just click onto the graphic (Xbild.jpg) which is in front of each forum title. Afterwards you will find the excluded forums listed in the forum option Excluded forums. In this list you have the possibility to activate excluded forums, if needed.


Code of conduct for a proper common environment

1. No dissing amongst each other!

2. No pillorying of any 90-minutes manager. If you have a suspicion against a manager, please send a message to the Game Masters (GM) via "Contact officials" in your inbox.

3. Absolutely no spamming.

Such as:

  • Advertising any transfer like "Looking for a Striker with Level 20 for 100000 max."! This is only allowed inside the Transfer & Co. subforum.
  • Advertising any commercial offer where 90-minutes is not affected.

4. No violation of copyright law Short quotes of external sources are allowed, as long as you mark the quote. Better write a short summary of the original text, and place the original source afterwards.

5. Decisions made by the admin or game master are out of the question (in the forum and manager clubs). No details by them are allowed to be made public. Any post occurring will be deleted asap.

Additional rules for the "Suggestions & Critics" forum

As the forum was designed for serious discussion, please make sure to stay on topic. Otherwise it is almost impossible to follow the line of arguments, if it is interrupted that often. Also, please do not simply post pro and contra signs without any text. If you feel the need to argue, please use proper words. Thanks for your contribution.


1.0 Basic version of the forums

1.1 Expansion

  • Search

1.2 Restructuring of the forums

  • Introduced Navigation
  • Introduced option “To main page”
  • Removed topics list
  • Expanded "Last topics" to topics list incl. page numbers

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