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Besides getting some extra cash, a friendly match can also be used to put your players into different positions (training effect). In order to prevent your players from losing skills and motivation, playing friendly matches is necessary. Furthermore you can keep in touch with other teams’ managers.


Friendly games are scheduled each Tuesday 6.00 pm CET. Prior to this, you need to challenge another team, or be challenged by another team, to play the match. The match will take place, as soon as the other team agrees.

Spectator revenues

The revenues of tickets sold will be shared 50:50, but there will be less spectators than in regular matches.


Friendly matches can be played two ways: either or proper 90 minutes game, or a cup mode, with 90 minutes and additional extra time and penalty shootout upon draw.

Friendly suggestions

If you do not have arranged a friendly yet, you will see a list of suggested teams which you may challenge.

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