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Every manager who is holding a Premium Accounts (with a residual term of more than 1 month) is able to create a FriendlyLeague and to invite 7 other managers (with or without holding a PA) to take part in one of those leagues.

ATTENTION - You should consider that a league which was created by yourself cannot be cancelled manually. A FriendlyLeague will be cancelled automatically if the needed amount of teams is not reached 21 days after creation.

The rules of FriendlyLeague matches are different to the regular match types at The most important facts are:

  • Every FriendlyLeague is composed of 8 teams exactly. The host of a league invites the other teams by entering their TeamID (to find on every team overview) into the intended input box. Check your FriendlyLeagues Planner (to find at the menu Premium » FriendlyLeagues, and after creation at the page of your league) regularly to check if any of the invited teams may have declined the invitation. If one of the invited teams has declined you should replace its TeamID with the one of another nominee.
  • The match schedule of every FriendlyLeague will be created automatically after all of the 7 invited teams have accepted the invitation (will be checked once per hour). Between creation of the match schedule and the first match day there will be at least 3 days. The matches will take place at every Monday (starting between 3-4 pm).
  • The league will end after the 14th match day. All of the contestants may create a new FriendlyLeague together or take part in another league.
  • There are neither positive nor negative effects in FriendlyLeague matches as known from all of the other match types:
    • No loss of regeneration.
    • No injuries.
    • No experience.
    • No spectator revenues.
    • No wear and tear of the stadium.
    • Neither the last match date nor the last position of a player will be updated by playing a FriendlyLeague match.
    • The risk of getting bookings accordingly to the tackling is quite high. But the bookings validation is temporarily limited for the current match.

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