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Prior to each regular or friendly match, the manager has the chance to adjust his team in several ways. To do so, you have to open the menu item Matches in your teammenu, and click on "Set up formation" beside the desired match.

You can decide which player is either in the line-up or on substitutes' bench. Alongside the system/formation and the tactics you can choose the team captain, set piece takers, and penalty takers, too. All of this has direct influence on the game’s course. Changings are only possible up to 20 minutes prior to kick-off. Keep in mind to set at least seven players on the pitch, in order to start the match, otherwise it will be counted 6:0 for the opponent. Also having a goalkeeper is mandatory, so if you miss to set a goalie, a field player will be set as goalie instead. If you nominate less than 11 players or your team finishs a match with less than 11 players (e.g. in case of a sending-off or because of an injury without any nominated substitutes) the loss of regeneration will be much higher than usual.

All of those options are variable, or you can refer to one of the pre-set default settings (if you already stored them as default). It is always good to have stored a line-up, so in case you miss to do so, it will be set as default.

To adjust the right positions for each player, just drag and drop them to the desired one.

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Match cancelled

If a match is cancelled due to the fact that one of the teams provide less than seven players, it will have the following consequences:

  • 50,000 fee for friendly matches
  • 250,000 fee for regular matches
  • No spectator revenues

As the game never happened, the players will get no experience and no lack of recovering. Furthermore the match will be counted 0:6 against the team which did not line up.

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