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If you have a premium account, you can spread press releases about your team on the overview page. It will be shown on the team’s page, in your league and in the press releases of the last 5 days (premium feature).

Insulting, politically incorrect or racist press releases will be severely punished by the 90-minutes team. Same for advertisements, so don’t waste your time!

Writing new press releases


The headline shall combine the intention of your text. The catchier your headline is the more reader will be attracted by it.


This is the body of your news. You have 1000 characters to let the 90-minutes community know whats up about your team, about your stadium, interviews,etc. You may also write some funny releases to cheer everyone up. Use your imagination.

Modify existing releases

You will find the headlines of any releases which have been written by you in drop-down-menu. If you want to edit or delete a press release, you have to choose it from the menu. It will be displayed then automatically. The following options are offered to edit a press release:

-Change: After changing the release, the old one will be overwritten by this one.

-Re-publish: the altered news will be released alongside the former (old) news.

-Delete: Your publishing will be deleted when choosing this option.

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