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Feature for managers with Premium Accounts.

On the team’s overview pages you are able to place a link to your team logo. The logo may have a size of 100kb max and not larger than 250x250 pixels. For security reasons it may not be uploaded to the 90 mins server.

Enter the URL without "http://" into the textbox and click on "Save". The entered URL is case sensitive!


You can see your logo, as it will be shown on your team overview, in a preview. In case you lack a preview, make sure you did not misspell the URL, or check the size of your picture as written above. Perhaps you need to resize the picture with a graphic program.

Where can I upload my team logo?

You can upload it via some common Picture Hosts, or you may use the info portal of on: Here is a short instruction:

  • 1. login on 90m-facts
  • 2. Choose Bilder & Logos einsenden (send pix and logos)
  • 3. Enter a title and short description of the logo
  • 4. Make sure the Dateiname des Logos (name of the logo) has no blanks in it
  • 5. Get your logo data via Durchsuchen (search)
  • 6. Search Vereinslogo (Team logo) under Album and press Sende Foto(send foto)
  • 7. Wait until the picture is unlocked on the page, where it will be shown left on 90-mins startpage in Neuste Bilder (recent pictures)
  • 8. Click on the picture (under "Neuste Bilder") and then again, so that it will be shown in a small pop-up window
  • 9. Rightclick the picture

According to the browser

  • 10.1 in Firefox you will see Grafikadresse kopieren (copy address)

Alternatively you may copy the picture’s address über Eigenschaften (Properties) (starts with

  • 11. Paste the copied link under team logo on, tick the box, save it and you’re done.

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