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The coaches start with low skills and values. You can sharpen their skills by attending seminars. Those seminars have different goals, which you can decide to achieve.

Your skill level will increase upon the selected goal by one point. The price rises with each visited seminar; one seminar will last one full week, and only after this week, the coach's skill has increased.

Also the coach's salary depends on his skills, per step it increases by 500 .

The training will be held normally during the coach's absence.

Costs of the seminars

Cost (Level)

100.000 (2)

125.000 (3)

175.000 (4)

250.000 (5)

500.000 (6)

900.000 (7)

1.250.000 (8)

1.500.000 (9)

2.000.000 (10)

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