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There are two different kinds of training: team training and stamina training. All effects will be refreshed daily at 1.00 pm in Germany (at noon in Austria and Switzerland; at 11:00 am in England and the Netherlands). Training will be held, even if the coach or assistant coach is attending a seminar.

Team training

Team training is the regular training being held by the coach. Each kind of training is available but needs to be selected by the manager daily. It is also possible to provide the team a day off.

Stamina training

Stamina training is necessary for up to two players, who recently had an injury and need to slowly recover from it. Not all kinds of training can be chosen here, but fitness and shaping options are offered, and stamina training is only possible with a deputy coach. The option regeneration can also be selected to offer the injured players some relaxation time.

ATTENTION: Players attending stamina training are automatically dismissed from regular team training.

General info about training

The younger a player, the higher the possibility that training has a bigger effect on him. In regards to older players (especially players with an age of 35 and older), who might even lose some skills on training, it is on you to find the right balance. There is a chance that any player will not get an effect or a negative effect on training.

Furthermore some players may get bored if the training does not offer proper varieties. You will find out under Events: Also the positive effects vanish, if the same old training is being held. Keep in mind: there is no boredom in training camps or off trainings.

The best result is reached, if a certain kind of training properly fits a certain player’s position.

e.g: Passing, fitness and shape are mandatory for all players, but a goalkeeper may not increase his skills if game development is being trained.

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