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Each team should at least have one sponsor, in order to gain some money for new players or the STADIUM modification. You get to the sponsors via finances in the menu. As long as you lack any sponsorship, you will get to a link with some offers made for your team. You will automatically receive 1-4 daily offers, which are ready to negotiate. But beware that the more you negotiate with them, the faster they will quit the sponsorship. If this happens, you can wait one day for new offers, or negotiate with different ones (if available). The different sponsors’ moods will be shown below:

  • Pleased
  • Calm
  • Stressed
  • Unhappy
  • Angry
  • No longer interested

If you are pleased with one offer, you can sign the contract. The contract will always last until the end of the season, even if it was signed mid-season. The premiums, which are only paid once, will be paid at the end of the season (one week after the last league match). Premiums due on goals, cup wins and won matches will be received the following week. Each Sunday, the balances will be checked, and that is when you will receive your money.

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