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Youth players

It is possible to include young players into your team via the menu „Youth“. To find them, you need to have scouts. More info can be read under scouts.

The strength of any youth player is equvalent to the team strength, so it does not make sense to use scouts at the beginning of your manager carreer. When your team strength reaches 150, it starts to make more sense, and any scout with better skills (average, good, excellent) will automatically find better talents.

There is a limit on the young players’evolution, which is being reached, when a team has a certain team strength. The reason for that is simple: Try to make a professional player out of the youth player, instead of selecting pre-professional youth players. So it is up to your tactical finesse, if a youth player becomes a professional starter.

Another advantage of young players is their will to learn compared to elder players. More info can be found on “General info about training” on the training help-page.

Including young players into your squad

If a scout found a young talent, this player will be shown on the youth page. His name, age, income and several info are shown as well. You may enter him to your squad, or just deny the offer.


The youth page also offers you to hire scouts.

Hire scouts

You can select the scouts’ skills via scouts, and you can check how his skills affect the search for talents.

You may choose between

  • an average scout (1,000 /day)
  • a good scout (2,500 /day)
  • a very good scout (5,000 /day)

Fire scouts

You can fire your scouts at any time, but keep in mind that if you already spent money for him, you shall wait until he found a talent for your team.

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